Is AssangeDAO a successful crypto project?

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Democracy and freedom have been disgraced in this magical age, but they make business sense. From AssangeDAO, we can’t help thinking that the so-called Internet culture, democracy and freedom, the spirit of Crypto, these seem to be nonsense, when the bear market may be worthless.

1. Positioning and brief comments

AssangeDAO is a wonderful and typical Rug Pull (No official website, no whitepapers, no code security audits, no exchanges etc..).

Indeed, it’s a Rug Pull. But if a Rug Pull project attracts so much gold and attention, it can be the good project as well.

From an operational standpoint, it must be of great benefit to give such a high profile to a project.

Therefore, we should think of AssangeDAO as a phenomenon project, not as an imposing DAO organization.

Operation Score of AssangeDAO :

Storyline: ☆☆☆☆

Product layer: ☆☆☆☆

Investment side: ☆☆

Marketing point: ☆☆☆

Consensus degree: ☆☆☆☆☆

Overall score:☆☆☆

2. Storyline operation

AssangeDAO’s storyline is very simple: inspired by “People”, a group of People who believe in the spirit of decentralization want to raise money in the form of DAO, and then use the money to rescue Assange, the founder of Wikipedia.The setup is simple but ingenious, since Mr. Assange’s support of bitcoin has long been widely credited with being the catalyst for its transformation from “Satoshi’s Bitcoin” to “everyone’s Bitcoin.” In other words, Mr. Assange himself was a big part of the initial emergence of the DAO. This setup is very suitable for Western tastes and fully embodies the original spirit of DAO.

On the other hand, unlike the vague descriptions of other projects, AssangeDAO’s purpose is clear: to raise money to free Mr. Assange (Not going to discuss it works or not).

Next, see how the story plays out. From the beginning, the Internet was flooded with retweets of Assange DAO, some believed, others thought it was a scam, and the public opinion reached its climax on February 7. But the greed of the project’s sponsors, who had no reason to open a second round of donations and failed to appease a group of people, caused many donors to complain and scold. The turning point came when Ethereum founder “V-God” made a donation and spoke out publicly, which quickly calmed the anger.

When you look back on the drama surrounding AssangeDAO, does it sound like something you’ve read before? It is important to remember that “If the project is not controversial, the operation is not good”.

3. Product level operation

The product of this kind of DAO project is the website. In terms of storytelling logic, AssangeDAO’s official website, with black and white straightforward telling us 3 things:

1. A good reason with the project

2. “Just pay it” according the rules

3. Use NFT to move funds

This is a very clear expression of the operation of a project, first drainage, then collect money, finally cash out and leave. The opening lines and background on the website are a clear attempt to create conflict and define positions.

Creating a conflict between free Internet resentment and the justice of the judicial system. Define the position that crypto punk should take to fight for freedom. It also quoted Mr. Assange as saying that “one of the best ways to achieve justice is to expose injustice.”

There, this is the nobility, this is what makes you pay.

As stated on the website, the project was inspired by the Free Ross DAO. They are smarter, of course, and Mr. Assange’s subject matter is easier to stand on the high ground of justice. Rescuing the founder of the Dark Web Silk Road is surely less compelling than rescuing Mr. Assange.

Websites raising money for THE DAO project must write the copy clearly and clearly, otherwise no one will put money into an unknown project, after all, this kind of project does not have DeFi’s APY magic mines, and there is no imagination space of the metaverse.

4. Investment operation

Smart operations or product managers will make it easier for customers to pay. The way to invest in AssangeDAO is very simple: go to JuiceBox DAO and pay. Note that I used the term “invest”, not “donate.” If you donate with an investment attitude, congratulations on gaining “Justice” but losing money quickly.

Smart AssangeDAO operators must know that most people have no idea who Mr. Assange is, and don’t care if he has a stroke or a wedding in a London jail, even if he is extradited back to the US, locked up in Arkham madhouse, Batman and Joker are Fxxking his ass. So, An investor without operational thinking is likely to be reaped. Once they learn about the project, they will most likely Google who Mr. Assange, Julian is, research his background in revealing American secrets, and then get excited, brainless, and gamble to see if their “righteous deed” turns into a windfall.

Then pay with brainless rush. An investor with an operational mindset is likely to drive the project.


Most of them don’t come from a liberal democratic background, they don’t discuss whether the judicial system is fair or not, they don’t think about whether Mr. Assange, Julian is guilty or not, they are looking at whether the project has the heat, whether it has the Fomo sentiment, whether it should be speculation or investment.

Then pay to try it out.In this case, the project’s audience is likely to pay regardless of whether they have an operational mindset.

There is almost no threshold for crowdfunding DAO projects, anyone can tell a story, and sustainable development is nonsense in this track. Realizing fundraising and realizing goals are often two different things, so the risk of investment and speculation is very high.

5. Marketing operation

When it comes to Mr. Assange’s marketing boom, there is a “ConstituionDAO”, also called “People”. AssangeDAO’s donation attracted a large number of speculators as “People” rose by tens of times and the effect of creating wealth was remarkable.

To put it simply, the profit model of such projects cannot be separated from the marketing model. When there are more people, money will be made. With the promotion of Giant Whale, everyone will pay for Fomo, and then the price will rise.

Projects about “Assange” and “People” are released on JuiceBox DAO every day, but what are the good projects?

With Fomo, there will be heat; with heat, people will donate money; with more money, there will be a strong consensus; with a strong consensus, there will be growth and money. This is a good project on the DAO track.

AssangeDAO’s marketing efforts have been minimal, with only the Assange name and the inclusion of Assange’s brother and fiancée as partners are enough to attract attention.

The marketing point of the program was to get hot, but it just didn’t get what it expected. Perhaps it would be more interesting if AssangeDAO could go a step further and draw a bigger pie for donors and investors — that is, a clearer picture of the future use of governance tokens, if only conceptually. For example, it is used to vote for the next “Good Samaritans” to rescue DAO, DAO again after DAO.

We all know that effective marketing for blockchain projects tends to be about the future, not the present.

6. Consensus operation

To put it bluntly, the consensus of a project is to look at the community. The community of the project is divided into two groups: donors and speculators. Donors are mostly wealthy.

Some of them may be rich parties who really want to save him and then donate a large amount. Such a group of people donated more than 60% of the total amount, and the amount of donation was more than dozens of ETH.

The point is that there are blockchain celebrities like “V-God”. Although he only donated 10 ETH, the impact of his brand far exceeds the investment amount.

Is there a project that doesn’t want to have something to do with this brand? If Polkadot founder didn’t have the title of Ethereum co-founder, it wouldn’t be as popular in marketing as it is now. Speculators are mostly small retail investors.

The purpose of joining the two groups in the community is different. That is to say, people of different classes have different views on the same thing.


Therefore, when Assange DAO made it clear that there was only one fundraising round, he added an additional round of fundraising, causing controversy in the organization.

Because the consensus of donors is spiritual, the consensus of speculators is economic. If you look at it from an operational standpoint, you’ll see that this kind of “conflict event” leads to a mouthwatering discussion of the entire project. It is not so much the idea of AssangeDAO’s project as the deafening volume of the community’s controversial issues.

AssangeDAO has not responded positively to the community’s doubts about secondary fundraising and NFT, and the unusual explanation is far-fetched. Because in the eyes of high-quality operators, the focus is not on the survival of reasonable and legal projects.

Anyway, regardless of whether it was intentional or accidental, AssangeDAO succeeded in building community consensus.

The so-called degree of consensus is not the unanimous voice of the mob, but the contradiction and contention of opposing classes.

7.Summary and inspiration

Taken together, the AssangeDAO project is clever, but shameful. Smart because of their business strategy; Shame because of the way they cashed out.

According to the website, the $55 million ETH they raised will be used to bid on NFT, and the proceeds from NFT will be used to pay for Assange’s rescue.

Regardless of whether this NFT is good or bad, if we follow normal logic,Why go round and bid for NFT when the project’s $55 million will go straight to Assange’s lawsuit? It is obviously going from left to right, embezzled funds, then cashed out.

Smart operation leads to wealth. If AssangeDAO failed to achieve fame and fortune, it must be that the operators suddenly lost their wisdom in the cashing link. Maybe they are not as powerful as I imagined, and all the magic skills are just a metaphysical coincidence. DAO is a good way for a project to quickly build consensus and raise funds to jumpstart a business plan in the current environment.

However, a good startup form does not mean the whole of this project. How to promote the sustainable development of DAO mode should be what every blockchain industry operator should think about.

AssangeDAO’s idea is good, it came with a good reason, and the mood of Fomo is relaxed. However, because of secondary fundraising and NFT liquidation, it makes people feel difficult to cope with each other. Fortunately, the brand is good and will not be blocked in the middle way.

To think

“You wouldn’t even care if Mr. Assange was sentenced to 175 or 1750 if it wasn’t for the fact that Mr. Assange became a blockbuster and had the potential to make money. It wouldn’t make you 1.75USDT more.”

“While AssangeDAO got off to a good start, it didn’t have a really loyal group of supporters like “People” to get the project going.”

“This project tells a big, empathetic story that people love to hear. At the same time, from the perspective of profit-driven, the mechanism of airdrop also caused fomo sentiment in the public.”

“AssangeDAO is not a real long-term investment, the so-called DAO spirit is all grandiose nonsense.”

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SUPER WAR PET Game Gold Strategy

1: App preparation (download)

1. SUPER WAR PET game download:

2. Hotcoin Global Exchange:

3. TokenPoceket wallet:

4. Link to Decentralized Exchange (SWPCswap):

5. Mavericks VPN:




9. Google Play Store:

* The first four App are essential resources for participating in the game, the last four are tool software for participating in global community interaction, and the last one is the App store, which can be searched and downloaded in the App store that comes with the mobile phone. When you cannot download it through the link, you can try searching on Google Play.

1、Asset description:

1. SW-NFT: A necessary asset to participate in the game which it means the SUPER WAR PET.

2. SWPC: The token of the SUPER WAR PET.

3. ESTO: A circulating token of the SUPER WAR PET.

4. GCT, WCT, FCT: Three output assets in the SUPER WAR PET.

5. Life Potion: The daily necessary food for the SUPER WAR PET in the game, it must be fed before going out to battle.

3. Gold strategy:

1. Buy ESTO on Hotcoin Global Exchange and withdraw it to the game account.

2.Buy SWPC in the SWPCswap decentralized exchange and withdraw coins to the game account (special reminder, the SWPCswap transaction will deflate by 12%, that is, buy 100 tokens, and 88 tokens are actually received, and each withdrawal can only be transferred out of the account 90% of the total amount, the actual receipt will also be deflated by 12%).

3. Consuming 50USDT worth of ESTO + 2.5USDT worth of SWPC in the game can open a blind box to get a pet. Each account needs at least three pets and a maximum of five pets to form a team to play. Players with sufficient funds can buy multiple pets and form multiple teams to fight in groups of 5.

4. In the game’s wallet, exchange ESTO for a certain amount of GCT\FCT\WCT three resources to reserve the settlement consumption of the user’s game output (for example, to produce 100 GCTs, it needs to consume 20 FCT + 20 WCT), If there is no reserve, it will affect the output settlement. The amount of reserve can be determined according to the number of pets purchased by the player. The more pets, the more reserves are needed.


5. Set resource output: There is a “Output resource setting” button at the bottom of the wallet-asset, click and select the asset you want to output today (GCT\FCT\WCT choose one), according to GCT\FCT\WCT Exchange price to choose to maximize output.

6. Start the game: Return to the main interface and complete 5 victories in the three scenes of exploration, training tower and mysterious adventure to get the daily output income, and complete 5 rounds in the arena and win 3 battles to get today’s income .

7. Game mission description:

① Adventure mission: 50% output

For example, the GCT value of pet A is 100; the WCT value is 80, and the FCT value is 60; the maximum income of the player in the GCT copy is 50, and the maximum output in the WCT copy is 40 (a total of five times, the successful completion of the level is obtained once 10%);

② Exploration mission: 30% output

In the same way, if player A’s pet chooses to produce GCTs in battle, then A’s pet can get 100*30%=30 GCTs by completing the exploration task today (5 times, and 6% will be obtained once when the game is successful);

③ Training tasks: 10%

If player A’s pet chooses to produce GCTs in battle, then A’s pet will get 100*10%=10 GCTs by completing the training task today (5 times, and 2% will be obtained once when the level is successful);

④ Arena quest: 10%

If player A’s pet chooses to produce GCTs in the battle, then A’s pet will get 100*10%=10 GCTs by completing the PK task today (5 wins and 3 settlement rewards, and 3 loses with five rewards).

8. After completing all tasks every day, you can click the wallet to view the income of the day (be sure to check it before 24:00, if the consumption of resources is not enough, the income settlement will fail. When entering the wallet, the player will be reminded to replenish the resources and re-settlement the output of the day. .)

4. Tips

1. The exploration task and the training tower task need to be successfully completed in more than 16 levels to be profitable, each 5 times a day, and the resources obtained are the types of resources that the player has set for the day’s output (choose one from GCT\FCT\WCT).

2. Each pet in the PK mission has only 5 chances to play, and you need to win 3 rounds to get today’s reward.

3.The adventure mission needs to be successfully completed 5 times a day to get all the rewards.

4. Each pet has 5 chances to get rewards in the four missions, victory will be rewarded, and defeat will not be rewarded.

5. Players with multiple pets can form multiple teams of 5 to complete daily tasks to maximize profits.

6. In order to ensure the most efficient completion of tasks in the battle, be sure to check the satiety of each pet to be 100% before going to battle (less than 100% will affect the combat power of this pet).

7. Players who have more than one pet of the same pet are recommended to synthesize and upgrade the pet in the temple. The income, production capacity, and combat attributes of the pet after the synthesis and upgrade will be superimposed, and the efficiency will be higher.


5. Description of pet income

1. There will be 5 attributes (wind, fire, water, light, dark), 5 levels (N\R\S\RS\RSS five), 25 races (25 battle pet images) ).

2.War pet resource production capacity: The resource production capacity of each war pet is worth 125 USDT. When the resource production capacity is exhausted, this war pet will not be able to produce resources and only retain the game combat attributes. And synthesizing new pets is the only way to restore resource production.

3.Gold rush ability: Each pet will randomly generate three basic gold rush abilities of GCT\FCT\WCT. The gold rush value in the battle pet details indicates the maximum output ability of the three kinds of resources per day for this pet, the higher the level. The stronger your pet’s gold panning ability, the stronger your ability to generate resources during the game.

4. Average rate of return: tested by professional evaluation agencies:

The input-output return ratio of N-level pets is 0.3-0.8%/day,

The input-output return ratio of R-level pets is 0.8-1%/day,

The input-output return ratio of S-level pets is 1-1.25%/day,

The input-output return ratio of RS-level pets is 1.25-1.6%/day,

The input-output return ratio of RSS-level pets is 1.6-2.5%/day.

This is the theoretical maximum value. Factors affecting output include:

A. Does the type of output resource correspond to the resource output attribute value of the team pet? For example, if I choose to output FCT today, the main output of the battle pet is FCT, so the production capacity is maximized.

B. Game proficiency, to ensure that tasks can be completed every day.

5.Team strategy.

6. Use of wallet function

1. Basic functions: The wallet can recharge/withdraw/transfer all game tokens, but cannot transfer NFT, and NFT can be traded after the opening of the trading bank.

2.Swap function: When you need to participate in the game to earn gold, you can use ESTO to exchange for GCT/FCT/WCT. After you finish the gold, you can exchange the excess GCT/FCT/WCT for ESTO and then withdraw to the exchange to realize cash (remember Keep some for gold later).

3. Added liquidity: When you have a lot of ESTO and GCT/FCT/WCT, you can also take part of it into the liquidity pool, you can get pledge income, automatically earn transaction fees, and you can get it back at any time.

Another strong partner to joined Silicoin Ecosystem: GUMP

GUMP – “We the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the DAOs”

Introduction to GUMP

$GUMP is a community-focused and innovative reward token of $PEOPLE built by the Myth of America Community available on Uniswap V2. $GUMP is paired with $PEOPLE that largely benefits $PEOPLEs holders.

The mission

Since Web 1.0 is a retronym referring to the first stage of the World Wide Web’s evolution, from roughly 1991 to 2004, then Web 2.0 from 2004 that emphasize user-generated content, ease of use, participatory culture and interoperability (i.e., compatibility with other products, systems, and devices) for end users. And then human have a new mission.

In the future, Silicoin and GUMP will discuss more possibilities of WEB3.0 construction together. WEB3.0 will provide increased data security, scalability, and privacy for users and combat the influence of large technology companies.

Official Website

Please see the link below for more information of GUMP:


Silicoin & GUMP will hold an AMA on Friday 12:00 noon

SUPER WAR PET Game Introduction Description

SUPER WAR PET Introduction

SUPER WAR PET is an intergalactic civilizational strategy elimination metaverse game. There are 25 races of NFT characters (SW-NFT) in the game, all of which have a random combination of appearance, attributes and skills by algorithm and each one is unique. After registering an account, players can use the game’s circulating tokens ESTO & a certain number of game equity tokens SWPC to open a blind box and have the chance to obtain a race of five qualities: Ordinary, Premium, Rare, Legendary and Perfect, or they can hatch a new SW-NFT by consuming a certain amount of resources from two NFTs of the same race, which has the chance to inherit the excellent attributes and skills of its parent character, making the game full of possibilities. Players are rewarded with Fire Crystals, Water Crystals and Green Crystals (the game’s resource-based TOKEN) by completing tasks such as adventures, leveling, training and PK, and can also acquire SWPCs (the game’s governance-based TOKEN) in leveling and ranking matches. Two SW-NFTs of the same race can be upgraded to higher level SW-NFTs by consuming resources to improve their overall combat and resource producing abilities, and players can use good SW-NFTs to challenge more difficult levels for higher returns. SUPER WAR PET is developed based on the BSC chain and the game is available worldwide in March 2022.

Economic Model: Dual Tokens

Functional tokens ESTO: limited distribution (500 million), obtained by completing daily adventures, training, leveling and PK quests and exchanging them for fire, water and green crystals, which can be used to summon new SW-NFT or exchange in the market.

Governance Token SWPC: A limited number of tokens (58 million), mainly obtained through in-game leveling and various rankings, can be used to summon, hatch and synthesise more SW-NFT races.

SW-NFT Acquisition

1、Consume 50 USDT worth of equivalent ESTO & 5 USDT of equivalent SWPC to summon a SW-NFT

2、Two SW-NFT of the same race can hatch a new SW-NFT by consuming certain resources.

3. SW-NFT can also be obtained by exchanging them in the in-game exchange market

ESTO Benefits Sources

1. After winning the free selection of resource maps in Adventure mode, you will be rewarded with 50% of the resource capacity.

2. A Completion of the daily 5 levels of the leveling task in the breakthrough mode will be rewarded with 30% of the resource capacity.

3. A Completion of the daily 5 levels of the Cultivation Tower can be rewarded 10% of the resource capacity.

4. Winning 6 games per day (10 games per day for one war pet) through PK tournament will be rewarded with 10% of resource capacity.

All rewards are settled in Fire Crystals, Water Crystals and Green Crystals. 20% of each of the other two resources need to be burned to receive the reward of one of the crystals. Fire Crystals, Water Crystals and Green Crystals can be exchanged for ESTO at any time and exchanged for profit.


SWPC Benefit Resources

1. Cultivate more powerful SW-NFT to challenge more difficult levels to get SWPC rewards

2. Get SWPC rewards for top ranking in ranking tournaments

Game Advantages

1. The development team is highly professional, allowing players to enjoy a high quality visual and gaming experience.

2. SW-NFT is composed of multiple parts randomly, each SW-NFT is unique and has unlimited possibilities and highly free secondary market exchange value.

3. ESTO is issued in limited quantities and requires ESTO to be summoned. The amount of resources produced to exchange for ESTO will be based on the market price, so that ESTO can maintain a long-term stable coin price.

4. Built in NFT exchange system, unused SW-NFT or rare SW-NFT can be circulated in the exchange market for profit.

5. SWPC adopts an extreme deflation model, which constantly burns tokens during the flow to maintain the scarcity of circulation. The innovative ‘One Token, One Price’ market-making exchange algorithm ensures that SWPC will rapidly appreciate in value as the number of users grows.

The Core Values

1. Abundant and free NFT Settings: In addition to the limited number of officially issued native SW-NFT, players can also obtain SW-NFT through hatching, and the process of synthesis and upgrading constantly deflates the circulation of SW-NFT in the market to guarantee the scarcity of SW-NFT.

2. Versatility: SUPER WAR PET technology and operators will continue to expand the application of NFT scenarios, so that NFT can play a higher value.

3. Economic system: rigorous economic model design and numerical design, sustainable product development.

4. DAO: game programming is closely related to the gamers.

5. Breakout and Tournaments: the battles are interesting and strategically rich, enabling the creation of global tournaments.

DEFI Gameplay

The game will continue to develop more NFT game maps in the future. The development and input of the game maps will be done by the technology and users together, participants can put their SWPC or ESTO holdings into the base map development,. In the future, a portion of the game assets produced by the players in the new maps will be given back to the players who involved in the game construction as well as technology development.

Fun Blind Box Gameplay

In addition to users being able to open blind boxes directly in the game by consuming the equivalent value of ESTO and SWPC to obtain SW-NFT, the game will also open a fun blind box game, where users can also open blind boxes in the fun blind box section. Each blind box costs 50USDT equivalent value of ESTO, users have a 50% chance to obtain SW-NFT after participating (the return on investment in capacity is roughly 120 days and 300 The other 50% will fail and the loser will receive a refund of the principal amount of the participating assets and a 5% bonus. Those who receive SW-NFT can choose to activate it (paying 5 USDT worth of SWPC) or request a refund (losing 10% of assets, i.e. 45 USDT worth of ESTO is returned).

Follow-up Plan

The follow-up plan is mainly in the form of DAO to get players involved and contribute to the game together. At present, apart from the launch version, the project has also made a sustainable version iteration plan internally, which includes: better NFT usage scenarios, richer NFT development line, more interesting game play, etc.



Q: How can I earn money from the game?

A: By completing in-game daily tasks (including completing 5 breakout tasks; 10 adventure tasks; 5 cultivation tasks; 10 PK tasks) to produce game assets Fire Crystal, Water Crystal and Green Crystal, which can be exchanged for ESTO at any time and exchanged for profit, or by opening the blind box to obtain SW-NFT to continue to participate in the game to produce resources or sell them directly for profit. Players can also earn SWPC rewards by participating in ranked matches or challenging more difficult levels.

Q: How many types of NFTs does the game have and what are they used for?

A: At the moment there is only 1 type of NFT, SW-NFT, which is the basis for you to play the game. It is the only way to interact with the various battles in the game and produce ESTO tokens and SWPC tokens.

Q: Is there a difference between the SW-NFT for blind box extraction?

A: There is a difference. SW-NFT is divided into 25 races, each race has five levels: Ordinary, Premium, Rare, Legendary and Perfect. 25 races have five attributes: water, wood, fire, light and darkness, which can be added to each other after teaming up to restrain different opponents in battle.

Q: What is the difference between the five levels of Ordinary, Premium, Rare, Legendary and Perfect?

A: The combat ability is different and the resource gathering ability is different. The resource gathering ability of war pets is 0.3-3%/day of the input; for example, 0.3-0.8%/day for Ordinary war pets, 0.6-1%/day for Premium, 0.8-1.25%/day for Rare, 1-1.6%/day for Legendary and 1.6-2.5%/day for Perfect. Resource gathering ability In addition to level, players’ grouping strategy, resource selection and game responsiveness during the game are all important factors in determining output effectiveness.

Q: What are the rules by which Fire Crystals, Water Crystal stones and Green Crystals are produced?

A: There are four daily tasks in the game that produce three types of resources. Each resource collection requires a team of 3-5 war pets to complete, and each mission can be completed by the player’s own choice of resources collected Fire Crystal, Water Crystal , Green Crystal), and the acquisition of one of the resources requires the consumption of 20% of each of the other two resources to settle the acquisition.

Q: What is the role of SWPC tokens and ESTO tokens in the game?

A: Both ESTO and SWPC tokens are essential assets for SW-NFT summoning, hatching and synthesis upgrades.

Q: What is special about the NFT in this game?

A: The appearance, attributes and skills of all NFT characters are randomly combined by algorithms and genetic control, giving them a high degree of freedom and randomness, making them more valuable for collection and appreciation when circulating in the secondary market.

Q: What is the combat like in this game? What are the special features?

A: As a strategy-based turn-based elimination game, each SW-NFT has attribute bonuses and attribute restraints. Teaming strategies and players’ speed during the elimination rounds will directly affect the outcome of the battle.

Q: Does the game require a lot of manual handling? What is the difficulty level?

A: The elimination game is a casual game that has been popular for decades. It is not difficult to operate and you can get started in 5 minutes.

Q: What is the role of the guild in the game?

A: Guilds are an important part of the SUPER WAR PET marketing process. They are the Information disseminators of game strategies and the biggest beneficiaries of the SUPER WAR PET game ecosystem.

The most potential GameFi – Super War Pet launched. Are you ready to earn?


GameFi is a new concept after the fire of DeFi, NFT, and the Metaverse. Like DeFi, it is a word created with the development of the industry, and can also be understood as Game+DeFi. It aims to promote the financial attributes of games through the game economy. While improving the game economy through financial attributes, the notable feature is that the financial element (Finance) is integrated into the game (Game), and the decentralized financial products are presented in the form of games. DeFi’s Gamification of rules, fusion and sublimation. The special feature of GameFi is the play to earn part in GameFi. Users can earn income or rewards in the process of participating in the game and make money. In addition, rich Defi gameplay, such as game prop assets NFT, game economy combined with liquidity mining, etc., are all available in GameFi.

At the same time, thanks to the distributed structure of blockchain technology, the “metaverse” perfectly mirrors the real world at the relatively general level of “system”. The next block chain with huge economic value and investment value is GameFi.

The value of GameFi is the IP attribute of the game itself. Based on the foundation of Finance, the core game can be played. In terms of game content and IP creation, many projects have begun to stand alone and take the lead.

Global GameFi games are developing rapidly, but they lack in-depth thinking and hard work in the direction of Game. But there are also many potential emerging projects worthy of attention. As one of them, Super War Pet is a classic and unique SLG chain game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which integrates “elimination, competition, simulation, mining, Staking, SWAP, DEFI, NFT, DAO” in one, in which you will lead your pet team on adventures and achieve personal and team honor.


How to play the new world

In Super War Pet, NFT pets are your mounts, and incredible new worlds and life forms are waiting for you. To get NFT pets, you can use tokens to draw blind boxes, or use summoning and breeding skills to strengthen your pet lineup to get more resources and rewards.

Super War Pet is a metaverse full of adventure and war, we have

A complete economic system, from NFT exchange to pet summoning, synthesis, duplication, exchange, to land auction and store rental, the whole process is Play-to-Earn.

Perfect social system. From the moment you join the game, you are a member of Super War PetDAO, and you can share the dividends of ecological development by participating in the ecological governance of Super War Pet Metaverse.

Set up a pet level system, upgrade to get more power and resources, and become the best Super War Pet fighter.

An epic war is waiting for you to join, and the supremacy of pet camps in the elven castle awaits.

Bringing the game back to the essence of fun has always been the original intention of Super War Pet. As a top GameFi production from game graphics to war scenes, as well as combat missions and level design. Coupled with rich and interesting gameplay, “Super War Pet” allows you to appreciate what it means to be completely immersive.


Play-to-Earn as a new concept economic model, we call it earning while playing. The economics of Play-to-Earn are at the heart of the GameFi space. Gamefi is an inevitable result of the development of DeFi and NFT. Its value lies in enabling participants to enjoy the fun of games while also getting real benefits from them. Compared with the “Free-to-Play” of traditional games, Gamefi is “Play to Earn”. The former is to spend money to recharge and then play the game, while the latter game players can earn real money through encrypted assets and participate in the virtual economy. Players who build and play can earn rewards for their participation, sell them on the market and earn money. This is a revolutionary difference. It is different from the Free-to-Play model in the traditional game industry,


Since blockchain games are not owned by a certain company, the development team of Chain Games has changed from the service role of the traditional game development team to a company-like architect, and the player has changed from the player who pays to play the game to a player. Employees who contribute to the development and expansion of the company, players and developers jointly maintain the game, which is completely driven by the market, the higher the popularity, the better the experience, and the higher the level of gamers. The transformation of the identities of both parties has transformed the original player’s behavior of spending money to play the game into a behavior similar to work and making money. They can obtain returns from the market through the game, and each player can participate in the improvement and upgrade of the overall game. This is also an epic change to the long-ruling era of game kryptonite.

Super War Pet NFT is also known as SW-NFT. Each SW-NFT represents a pet, first obtain a SW-NFT, join the Super War Pet game, and then be eligible to summon a pet, and then experience the incubation, upgrade, exchange and other gameplay of advanced SW-NFT.

Different from the traditional game centralized mode, Super War Pet gives players enough game rights. All SW-NFTs purchased and incubated in the game universe belong to the players themselves, and players have the right to exchange them freely.


2021 is called the first year of the metaverse. The metaverse maps the reality into the virtual world, and the concept of ultimately affecting the real world from the activities of the virtual world has become the main direction of the future development of the Internet. Under the epidemic, some resource-exporting countries in Southeast Asia have encountered an economic crisis. To solve the economic crisis, it is necessary to seek new economic growth points in addition to resource exports. The economic system mapped by GameFi just provides such a possibility, so that ordinary people can In the reality of high consumption and low income, certain benefits are earned through the virtual world.

The trend of 2022 is gradually blowing to GameFi, and more and more newcomers are pouring into the game world of “Paly to Earn”. Let’s lead the pets of war in the chain game Super War Pet, and adventure together. Run on the road of Play-to-Earn and achieve each other. Build your own new kingdom on the blockchain, summon, collect, copy, exchange pets, appreciate game rewards and govern digital assets. Follow the pace of Super War Pet, seize GameFi, seize the opportunity, and dominate the wealth!

Celebrating the success of the STAR Community Online Conference

At 21:00 on March 21, 2022 (GMT+8), representatives of the STAR community brought 1500,000,000 Tokens to the conference site and had a wonderful interaction with more than 500 participants. There were up to a thousand spectators waiting outside the conference room. The benefits were distributed through multiple rounds of lottery draws, and even lucky winners received a huge reward of 300,000,000 Tokens, and gave specific answers to the questions raised at the conference. The details are as follows:

Moderator: Today is an online thousand-person conference jointly held by representatives of the Star China Alliance community and the official community. In this meeting, one of the leaders of the Star community of the SHIB team will be invited to explain to us the layout of Star, the value of Star, and the benefits of Star. Ecology and the future of Star. Next, let’s invite Jacky Davis to our meeting.

Moderator: Welcome Mr. Jacky Davis to our air conference, and I welcome you on behalf of the Star China community.

Star community representative: Thank you for the invitation of the Star China community, which allowed me to cross time and space to come to a powerful China and meet this group of excellent partners. My name is Jacky Davis, from the SHIB team Star community. I will briefly explain the original intention of the Star community and its establishment. development plan.

Moderator: Okay, please.

Star Community Representative: Dear Star Chinese Community Players:

Hello! Let me briefly introduce the Star community. The Star community originates from the SHIB team. It is a digital autonomous community spontaneously established by a group of metaverse industry believers. I hope to use the wealth once obtained in SHIB to build a seamless link and low latency dedicated to the metaverse. Satellite network, and expect more consensus people to experience the charm of the metaverse industry with us.

Star Community is a non-profit organization. Our team is composed of freelance investors from many countries around the world, covering the United States, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and other countries.

The Star community is committed to the construction of the Metaverse satellite network, the layout and development of digital asset-related industries such as Metaverse ecological construction, community dividend sharing, and community external relations.

The Star community has been paying attention to the application of blockchain technology. The blockchain represents a change in a great era, because this technology will bring to mankind another great invention after the Internet. It will penetrate into every area of development in our world. Gradually enter a truly technological society, and everyone has the opportunity to obtain great value.

The application of blockchain technology has revolutionized the way of finance on Wall Street and most of the world, just as the emergence and popularization of the Internet brought us prosperity and wealth. But the biggest role of the Internet is that it has spawned many industrial oligarchs, and it has not fundamentally allowed us to share prosperity. It is also the focus of all the anger and extremism in society today. Among them, the Russian-Ukrainian war is the best example.

The Star community has been thinking about whether it can come up with some new solutions to this inequality problem? I have been thinking about how to redistribute wealth by some means. For example: Can wealth be pre-distributed? Can we change the way wealth is created at the source, can we create wealth through technological means, attract more people to participate in the ecosystem, and ensure that they are paid equally?

Through the wealth accumulated in SHIB, the Star community began to lay out the metaverse industry, and innovatively proposed the concept of “infinite circulation, wireless destruction, infinite ranking, and infinite value-added, which has won the participation and praise of more than 100 large communities around the world. I am very proud of this.

The Star community will develop the Metaverse industry ecology in depth through the combined Starchain system, and will form multiple autonomous communities around the Metaverse ecology, generating a large amount of transaction data and circulation data. In the future, the Star Metaverse will open up the physical boundaries of the real world and expand the application scenarios from the economic and financial fields of the Metaverse to all aspects of daily life and daily life. The development direction of the Star community that conforms to the trend of the times will receive the support of various forces. The future Star community may become a model for the global digital asset community.

Finally, I would like to tell you that I love China very much, and we look forward to reaching a closer cooperation with the market here. This is of course inseparable from the support and encouragement of all of you. The Star community will also give more support for the development and development of the market. To provide assistance, we will strive to seize every opportunity to make all assumptions a reality and help all participants get the most value. Here, on behalf of the Star community, I warmly welcome and look forward to all of you joining us. We will share the bright future of technology and wealth with you. thank you all! !

Moderator: Thank you Mr. Jacky Davis for his wonderful speech. Next, I will have a few questions for you to ask. I read in your letter to the players that you have gained a great wealth from SHIB, you can give us Can you tell me how much it is?

Star community representative: Haha, we can talk about this matter. The Star community has joined the SHIB team since August 2020, and it has grown from a few people at the beginning to several thousand people now, all over the world. The Star community has always been a firm SHIB team. The supporters of the company have accumulated a million-fold increase in dividends, and most of the founding members of the community have received tens of millions or even over 100 million US dollars in dividends.


Moderator: I read your letter and said that you regretted the behavior of selling SHIB. May I ask which aspects do you mean by regret?

Star community representative: The regret I said is that the Star community has not been able to do more ecological construction for SHIB. Until now, the Star community is still one of the communities with the largest holdings of SHIB. Star is a completely decentralized community. The voting mechanism is used to determine the final direction of the community. In 2021, we see the development prospects of the metaverse. Through the voting of all members of the community, we decided to build a delay-free metaverse network based on Starlink.

Moderator: Okay, so that’s the case, can you come and talk to us about the future development direction of the Star community?

Star community representative: First of all, the Star community is built around how to allow members to get more dividends. We hope that the first metaverse ecology launched by Star can lead everyone to get tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars just like when we were in the SHIB team. dividend.

Moderator: It seems that everyone’s financial freedom is at hand, so how can we participate in the ecological construction of Star and get dividends?

Star community representative: As I said earlier, Star is a fully autonomous community. It has grown from a few people to thousands of people, and the benefits of its members are also different. The Star community has adopted an advanced mechanism to calculate the members earned income. To put it simply, the earlier you participate, the larger the proportion of ecological construction and the higher the income. This is also the difference between the dividends of community members from 10 million to 100 million.

Moderator: Is it understandable that the more Star Tokens I hold, the more ecological dividends I get?

Star community representative: It can be understood that the global airdrop has begun. More than 100 large communities around the world have reached cooperation with us. The demand for Star Token is far lower than our airdrop. It is foreseeable that Star Token will only need one The launch will usher in an explosive growth, ten times, a hundred times the situation may occur.

Moderator: The increase is tenfold and a hundredfold, so I have to quickly mobilize my friends to participate, and seize the time to seize the first wave of airdrops and the first wave of dividends.

Star community representative: You are right, apart from time, a large amount of holding is also a way to get dividends. For example, if you buy $1,000 of Star Token and buy $10,000 of Star Token when you go online, you will have a lot of money. There is a big difference in dividends. In the case of adding 1,000 consensus members, there will be a nearly 1,000-fold difference in income between holding $1,000 Star Token and holding $10,000 Star Token, just like when the Star community joined the SHIB team. Some people got tens of millions of dollars in dividends, and some people got hundreds of millions of dollars in dividends.


Moderator: There is such a big gap. Is there a faster way to obtain ecological dividends?

Star community representative: Of course, Star Token adopts the mechanism of infinite ranking, infinite destruction, infinite circulation, and infinite increase to ensure that consensus participants continue to receive dividends in the process of trading tokens. For example, by purchasing a large number of tokens to obtain ranking dividends, Purchase Tokens at a specific time to get sharing dividends. In addition, in addition to a large number of holdings and purchases to obtain dividends, setting up your own community is also a way to quickly obtain ecological dividends, because the holding and purchase behaviors of each member of the community are related to you.

Moderator: I would like to ask again, why does Star distribute so many bonuses to members of the community?

Star community representative: This is a very good question. First of all, the Star community hopes that more consensus people can get asset freedom like we joined SHIB. Star’s metaverse plan also needs more consensus people to support, Star is just a community launch The first ecology of , with the increase of consensus, the pace of ecological construction will also speed up. Star is completely different from other ecosystems that need to be raised, because we are supported by the huge wealth obtained through SHIB. This is not difficult to see from the distribution mechanism. The 2% ecological construction ratio cannot completely satisfy the ecological construction of the Star Metaverse, and the rest 98% of it will be funded by the Star founding team, so as to complete Star’s original idea of a seamless link low-latency metaverse satellite network.

Moderator: So this is Star’s idea. So, does the Star community have anything to do with Mr. Musk?

Star community representative: When I was in the SHIB team, I had the honor to meet Mr. Musk. Therefore, the Star community voted unanimously to build Star’s metaverse satellite network system based on Mr. Musk’s Starlink network. The Star community also cooperated with Blizzard’s The well-known game studio of Star has been in close contact to conduct in-depth communication for Star’s metaverse 2.0 or even 3.0 ecological vision.

Host: Wow, it turns out that there is such a huge ecological concept behind Star. Now I would like to ask what you want to say to the players in the Star China community?

Star community representative: First of all, I would like to thank the Star China community for inviting me to participate in this air event. I also feel your enthusiasm. Now China is getting stronger and stronger, and all industries can see the friendly faces of Chinese people. , the Star community also expects more Chinese players to join. We will cherish every consensus from this great eastern country, and promote the convergence of Eastern and Western cultures in the Star Metaverse, transcending the boundaries of time and space between communities, and jointly conquering the metaverse industry. Sea of stars. I look forward to seeing you all again in the Star Metaverse and firmly believe that this day is coming.

Moderator: Thank you Mr. Jacky Davis for his appreciation to the Chinese community. I believe that the Chinese community will also fully support the ecological construction of the Star Metaverse. Mr. Jacky Davis, today, the number of participants in our online conference is close to 1,000. Next, we will take a few minutes of your time to interact with players in our Chinese community and answer a few questions related to Star. Next, please leave a message in the comment area, and I will randomly select five questions to answer:

Group friend asked: Mr. Jacky Davis, how many zeros do you think Star can go to in the end?

Star community representative: We have participated in the development of SHIB and experienced the increase of hundreds of thousands of times of SHIB. We also hope that Star can achieve an increase of hundreds of thousands of times like SHIB. Of course, this requires the joint efforts of everyone. In addition, the biggest difference between Star and SHIB is the ecological application of Star. The goal of Star is to build a Metaverse satellite network ecosystem to encourage more community participants to obtain the industrial dividends of the Metaverse. I believe these differences are enough to promote Star to surpass The height of the SHIB.

Group friends asked: How much will Star’s infinite loop and destruction mechanism be destroyed in the end?

Star community representative: We hope that through the efforts of all Star enthusiasts, we will eventually destroy 20 billion pieces, of which 10 billion we hope players will hold, and the other 10 billion will be held by Mr. Musk, to help Mr. Musk’s Star Chain plan, as soon as possible Realize the construction of Star’s metaverse network.

Group friends asked: What is Star’s pot, and when are you going to withdraw?

Star community representative: In order to allow more people to enjoy the initial value-added dividends, Star has set up a pot of 30,000 USD + 900 billion Star Tokens. We will also gradually increase the pot according to the actual situation. I believe that through the joint efforts of everyone, our The pot will be as high as 300 million, 3 billion or more. Regarding the question of when to withdraw the pool, we plan to destroy the certificate, so there will never be a withdrawal of the pool.

Group friends asked: What is Star’s slippage mechanism?

Star community representative: The original intention of Star’s slippage mechanism design is to allow more people to enjoy the dividends of industrial construction. The slippage mechanism consists of two aspects: buying and selling. In the mechanism ratio, we focus on rewarding the early and late buyers of each round. This mechanism can better allow Star to form an infinite cycle of purchase and destruction, and it is also more conducive to market sharing and promotion.

Questions from group friends: Is Star on the centralized exchange?

A: The reason why Star is issued based on BSC actually hides our ambitions, because Binance’s listing rules only require 5,000 real and valid users and active transactions, we may get Binance Exchange without any cost. This is just a small goal of Star, and our future is to launch Coin base.

Moderator: Dear partners, our meeting is coming to an end. Thank you again Mr. Jacky Davis for his sharing, thank you for your cooperation throughout the meeting, thank the core members of the SHIN community for coming to this group, and thank the bloggers of the major currency circles for their support. For your support, thanks to the global Star Alliance community, please pay close attention to the latest developments in the Star community. This is the end of today’s meeting. Next, let the sea of stars in the original universe industry witness the rapid growth of Star.

Cryptocurrency and ESG issues: Why Cryptos are better for ESG than you think

In 2022, blockchain enters a new era of development, and cryptocurrency miners and more investors are considering environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues when allocating their portfolios. Additionally, cryptocurrencies are starting to take allocations from more and more investment portfolios.

However, some investors may be hesitant due to reports that Bitcoin is not environmentally friendly, so if investors consider ESG, is there any way to include cryptocurrencies in their portfolios? Are some cryptocurrencies more ESG friendly than others? It all depends on how you look at the space.


Unpacking Bitcoin’s (BTC) ESG Argument

The main argument that Bitcoin is not ESG friendly stems from the processing power required to mine the cryptocurrency and complete transactions. Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s tweets, which typically drive the crypto market, temporarily suspended the automaker’s acceptance of bitcoin for purchases last year amid concerns over the cryptocurrency’s environmental impact.


However, not everyone believes that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have ESG issues.

An important consideration, according to ESG’s thesis on cryptocurrencies, is the difference between proof-of-work and proof-of-stake. The two models differ in how computers are used to solve the complex mathematical problems required to mine or trade cryptocurrencies.

First, cryptocurrencies are 99.9% more energy efficient in proof-of-stake than proof-of-work verification, and cryptocurrencies that follow the proof-of-stake model are more environmentally friendly than those that use the proof-of-work model.

Second, proof-of-work requires a lot of computing power from the entire network of crypto miners to confirm each transaction. However, proof-of-work spreads the responsibility of verifying each transaction among all holders of that cryptocurrency.


Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are built on a proof-of-work model for transaction verification, but Ethereum is struggling to move to a proof-of-stake model, and Bitcoin is lagging behind. Other cryptocurrencies are created using a proof-of-stake model, which means they should theoretically be more ESG-friendly. To make proof-of-work cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin more environmentally friendly, some miners are migrating to regions of the world that are rich in sustainable energy.

Cryptocurrencies and the future of ESG

Due to the promulgation of relevant regulatory laws and policies on the use of natural data by various countries, the future development of cryptocurrencies will follow the sustainability of ESG more, use more clean energy or renewable energy, and improve the underlying technologies such as proof of rights and transaction rates. Reduce resource consumption. While we can discuss the ESG challenges of cryptocurrencies vs fiat currencies in detail, one thing we need to keep in mind is that cryptocurrencies have a trump card: blockchain, cryptocurrencies are more than a method of payment.



All of ESG’s underlying technologies are built on blockchain technology, which makes them more practical than fiat currencies by mapping the way carbon is tokenized to reality. Even if some say that cryptocurrencies themselves are not part of an ESG-friendly portfolio, blockchain technology seems obvious. The Financial Times spoke to Doug Miller, a master’s student at Imperial College London who also works for the global non-profit Energy Network. He uses blockchain technology to “design authentication systems for digital assets that rely on clean energy.” It can be seen that no matter what it is, his European style continues to exist on the basis of blockchain;

ESG and its team are committed to building a better planet through blockchain technology. ESG is initiated by the international system about shaping the world’s new economy, and the world’s top investment institutions jointly advocate the future of environmental and natural resource security. Everything starts. They are all based on the public chain technology Blockchain. This is the “geoengineering” of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Earth Management Platform:

ESG blockchain technology can help organize, monitor and manage vast amounts of Earth system data in a geospatial digital ledger. Enable secure and trusted transactions that create value across geographic and environmental domains. Geospatial platforms supported are still in the early stages of exploration and activity monitoring, management and initiation of market mechanisms to protect the world, environmental sharing from life on land to ocean health, early collection, management and processing of environmental habitat management data, Including the catalogue and habitat of species genetic diversity, providing marine information and terrestrial living environment information for conservation work.

Next Generation Sustainability Monitoring and Reporting:

ESG blockchain has the power to enhance companies, verify company performance through independent procurement and reporting, companies provide verification data, and stakeholders can get Token incentives; this can take action to motivate governments and companies to build a better planet, fulfill reporting and Other environmental protection strategic goals. It will provide independent and supportive entities for accurate information management and investor decision-making, improve market efficiency and provide incentives to drive change; establish secure, impartial, and open information and data networks.


The combination of cryptocurrencies and ESG continues, and more innovative topics continue to ferment. How to build the future of global sustainability and the new economy of global ESG investment and financing? Whether cryptocurrencies will succeed remains to be seen, but whether they happen What, there’s no denying that the blockchain technology they built is here to stay. Viewing them in this light provides an ESG-friendly perspective that fiat currencies can never have.


StarToken will open the global airdrop on the 20th, 23 online pancakes

StarGlobal is a digital autonomous community formed spontaneously by a group of Metacosmic industry believers. We hope to use the wealth we have gained in SHIB to build a seamless link and low latency satellite network for the Metacosmos. We expect more consensus people to feel the charm of the Metauniverse industry together.

Star original infinite ranking, infinite destruction, infinite loop, The infinite rising value-added mechanism will form a vast sea of stars and light up the consensus of more participants. This new digital system of meta-universe ecological assets will accelerate the realization of the meta-universe dream of human beings going to the sea of stars.

StarToken will launch the Global Community Airdrop program on March 20, 2022, and launch PancakeSwap at 14: 00 (GMT) on 23 March 2022. More than 100 large communities around the world have joined StarGlobal.
StarGlobal welcomes more consensus members to join us and witness the miracle of Star Global’s assets.

PuddingSwap Desserts Empire releases ingredient NFT, committed to create NFT new usage in GameFi!

Now the market of NFT has also explosive growth with the help of concepts such as Metaverse and GameFi. According to Non-Fungible, NFT trade amount has reached $2.7 billion on January 2022, and the market is potential.

The rapid growth of NFT market also attracts the protocol of DeFi 1.0, such as SushiSwap launched the NFT service platform Shoyu, PanckeSwap on the BSC also sets foot in the field of NFT. And HSC leader DEX PuddingSwap’s “PuddingSwap Dessert Empire” gives NFT a new way to play to earn.

Raw Materials in PuddingSwap Dessert Empire on 9:00PM, Feb 25th (GMT+8), including NFT blind-boxes contain eggs, milk, sugar, matcha, cherry and mango, which will be obtained by staking ePUD.


PuddingSwap has successfully launched eight NFT card blind boxes for “Super Chef” before. Combining the raw materials this time, users can make unique products by staking ePUD, mixing, heating, etc. According to the corresponding recipe provided by PuddingSwap, the pudding can be synthesized, and the profits can be obtained by completing the orders distributed by the system. If the user does not have a chef NFT card, the raw materials can be sold on the NFT market。

“PuddingSwap Dessert Empire” is a virtual gourmet restaurant launched around the elements of pudding. Eight NFT animal chefs have been launched in order of rarity: squirrel, rabbit, cat, dog, fox, koala, panda and tiger.

PuddingSwap also started PuddingSwap production and baking mechanism one after another. With the official launch of raw materials, PuddingSwap’s gameplay scenarios became richer and diversified, integrating collecting, DIY games and social elements, making every NFT meet market demand and feeding the trading business of PuddingSwap itself.

Recently, through PuddingSwap NFT Blind Box event, users stake in LockVault pools and produce ePUD and staking can have the chance to get blind box and get ingredient NFT, after obtaining the corresponding ingredient NFT, users can use them to synthesize pudding. The NFT Blind Box event will end on March 25, users who participate in the event can open the box in advance to check their NFTs.

Through the development of blockchain market in 2021, NFT has completely changed into a reliable trend for crypto holders that cannot be ignored. According to data from Non Fungible, NFT deals reached $14 billion in 2021, which are 1.3 times of the total value of global art auctions in 2019. NFT is more functional and suitable for people’s needs of creativity and scarcity, and its strong social communication feature shows its unlimited future potential.

PuddingSwap, incorporating NFT and GameFi, is a microcosm of NFT ecology on HSC. Based on the ecological integrity of HSC, the grand blueprint of PuddingSwap is not limited to ” Restaurant”. In the future, it will launch sushi restaurant and barbecue restaurant, PuddingSwap sincerely invite more excellent developers to jointly create a more fun kitchen system and cook-fighting system.

Greenpeace | Action makes a difference

The world’s rising annual emissions of greenhouse gases are causing global average air and sea temperatures to rise, melting ice and snow, and rising sea levels.

In January 2021, the World Meteorological Organization announced that the average global temperature in 2020 will be about 14.9℃, 1.2℃ higher than the pre-industrial level, leaving us little room for temperature rise. If the temperature rise exceeds 2℃, the earth and human beings will face irreversible climate disaster. To mitigate the severe effects of climate change, there are three main paths: Reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, increase the use of renewable energy and improve energy efficiency.

“Carbon neutrality” refers to the total amount of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas emissions directly or indirectly produced by a country, enterprise or individual within a certain period of time, and the positive and negative offset is achieved through afforestation, energy conservation and emission reduction, etc., so as to achieve relatively “zero emissions”. Emission subjects need to bear the consequences and pay the corresponding costs for their actions, and the carbon pricing mechanism comes into being, which is “carbon trading”.

Although “carbon neutral” was chosen as Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year in 2006, it was only a flash in the pan. In recent years, “carbon neutral” has remained a very small interest in the international community, at least in China.

And in 2008, Greenpeace was born. Greenpeace is an international non-governmental organization working to promote a greener, peaceful and sustainable world. In order to promote the awareness of environmental protection and further realize the environmental protection of all people, some core members of Greenpeace combine the influence and resources of Greenpeace.

And then the Greenpeace Entrepreneur Foundation (GEF) came into being.

Since its establishment, the Foundation has taken environmental protection as its mission and cooperated with many international environmental organizations, including the Nature Conservancy and the Forest Carbon sequestration project of the International Environmental Protection Fund.

Through extensive contact with international well-known environmental protection groups, enterprises and individuals, to attract people from all walks of life to participate in and support the cause of environmental protection, through various channels and ways to raise funds for environmental protection, for the cause of global environmental protection affected a positive contribution. And help to break the carbon neutral cycle; Carbon neutrality will bring sweeping social changes, and all industries will undergo fundamental changes. This is already on the table.

We can boldly imagine that in GEF, everyone can take practical actions to promote positive change, protect the earth’s environment and become carbon neutral. We can find the significance of individuals to society here. All the advocates of environmental protection can realize their value in GreenPeace. You can receive considerable income to support your green dream!

Social networking, e-commerce, online gaming and other Internet industries will all be transformed by carbon neutrality. The improvement of global environmental awareness requires the efforts of everyone, and GreenPeace will be the first to speak up and promote the common progress of both domestic and international fronts.