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Emporiki Crypto’s Collaboration with Depd Marks the Beginning of a New Era in Digital Finance

In the realm of digital finance, collaboration and innovation are key drivers of industry advancement. Recently, Emporiki Crypto forged a strategic partnership with Depd (Depin Dao), injecting new vitality and possibilities into the digital finance arena. This collaboration aims to integrate Emporiki Crypto’s Dapp into Depd’s Dphone, providing users with more convenient and diverse digital financial services.

Depd (Depin Dao) is a project built on the Bitcoin blockchain, dedicated to establishing the world’s largest Depin DAO organization and serving as the entry point for devices and traffic in the Depin domain. As one of the first batch of engraved projects collaborating with Binance’s web3 wallet, Depd holds significant influence and recognition in the digital finance field. Through collaboration with Depd, Emporiki Crypto will be able to directly offer its innovative digital financial products and services to Depd users, further expanding its market share and influence.

The integration of Emporiki Crypto’s Dapp into Depd’s Dphone will bring many conveniences and advantages to users. Users can easily access Emporiki Crypto’s various financial products and services through Depd’s Dphone, enabling digital asset trading, wealth management, and other operations, greatly enhancing user experience and convenience. At the same time, this collaboration opens up broader market opportunities for Emporiki Crypto, extending its brand and services to a wider user base.

Depd’s community vision and mission align closely with Emporiki Crypto’s development direction, laying a solid foundation for collaboration between the two parties. Through joint efforts and innovation, Emporiki Crypto and Depd will embark on a new era of digital finance, bringing more convenience and opportunities to users, and driving further development and growth in the digital finance field.

Emporiki Crypto Launches ENA and ENS

Emporiki Crypto’s ecosystem has recently introduced two important functional components: ENA (Emporiki Network Accelerator) and ENS (Emporiki Network Services), aiming to enhance the efficiency of user reward retrieval and the convenience of user experience. The introduction of these two functionalities signifies Emporiki Crypto’s continuous improvement of its platform ecosystem, providing users with higher-quality services and experiences.

ENA, as an accelerator, is designed to expedite the process of user reward retrieval, allowing users to quickly enjoy the benefits of their earnings on the Emporiki Crypto platform. On the other hand, ENS provides a range of network services that further optimize users’ trading and operational experiences, offering them more convenient and efficient services.

Moreover, prior to the launch of Blocks and the G-Bond protocol, the supply of ENA stands at 1024. Once Blocks and the G-Bond protocol are launched, the supply of ENA will double to 2048, providing users with more choices and opportunities for usage.

Users can experience the optimized services brought by ENA and ENS by visiting Emporiki Crypto’s Dapp website at https://app.emporiki.io/node.

Emporiki Crypto to Launch Blocks and G-Bond Protocol

Emporiki Crypto is gearing up for a major update with the impending launch of Blocks and the G-Bond protocol.

Firstly, Blocks are a pivotal component of the Emporiki Crypto ecosystem, aimed at attracting more users to participate in the project’s development. Users have the opportunity to become Blocks, contributing to the liquidity support of Emporiki Crypto’s BSC network. By participating in Blocks, users not only stand to benefit from potential returns but also deeply engage in the project’s development and decision-making processes, collectively driving the healthy growth of the Emporiki Crypto ecosystem.

Secondly, the G-Bond protocol, as a complement to Blocks, represents a novel bond product composed of dozens of mainstream cryptocurrencies. This bond not only holds significant growth potential during bullish market conditions but also serves to mitigate risk. For investors, the G-Bond protocol offers a diversified investment option, allowing them to flexibly allocate assets and manage risks within the digital asset market.

Inscription Alliance received tens of millions of US dollars in investment: “MINT” has no limits, and BTIA is far ahead

Nowadays, the popular “Inscription” is on the forefront. As one of the important applications that are currently booming, a new revolution in digital assets is taking place on a global scale. The emergence of Inscription will provide investment enthusiasts who dare to face new things with New sources of wealth and leading the huge digital financial development trend in the future.

At this stage, as major public chains enter the market and compete to lay out the inscription market, the inscription ecology will become more enthusiastic and stronger, and the butterfly effect will occur, attracting more users and developers to participate. This also means that the inscription market is filled with unlimited mining opportunities. Golden opportunity.

In this track , an extremely dazzling platform has emerged – Inscription Alliance , which is also telling its encryption story in this wave of inscriptions .


DEFI ecosystem for inscription cross-chain transactions , providing global users with inscription casting to inscription value, cross-chain transactions , self-created inscriptions, etc. A one-stop shop with considerable potential.

Inscription Alliance is jointly launched by the international organization Apollo Foundation and inscription enthusiasts from 100 inscription communities around the world in the name of Inscription DAO . After Inscription Alliance received heavy investment from the Apollo Foundation , its current valuation has reached US$100 million.

It is reported that it is planning to expand the Asia-Pacific inscription market, investing US$30 million to establish an inscription development guarantee fund to create a safer and larger value inscription trading environment. Inscription Alliance will give Inscription Track new development trends and value derivation, and help Inscription Track realize the comprehensive application of cross-chain transactions.

The establishment of Inscription Alliance aims to make it easier, more efficient and more profitable for users to cast and trade inscriptions. At the same time, they can create their own inscription digital world and give inscriptions unlimited value.

Inscription Alliance breaks the problem of smooth and opaque transactions in the traditional market and eliminates users’ uncertainty and risk concerns; it solves the problem of slow transaction speed and improves user experience and transaction efficiency; it reduces or subsidizes part of the transaction fees and expands the inscription Transaction scale and popularity; providing effective regulatory agencies and security measures, improving users’ trust and participation in inscription transactions.

Inscription Alliance has a complete and cutting-edge platform foundation, including seamless cross-chain technology, smart contract multi-bridging, hot and cold wallet separation, insurance funds, multi-signatures and security audits, providing users with more Inscription Track-related assets. Trading opportunities support the development of innovative inscription projects and create more investment opportunities and the possibility of value growth for users .


As the platform token of Inscription Alliance , BTIA inscription is benchmarked against the number of BTC and has a relative stability ratio of 1:1 with USDT price. It is the world’s first aggregated cross-chain inscription. Its emergence can not only promote the development of the inscription market, but also Injecting new vitality into the entire inscription ecology. BTIA Inscription realizes the ability of cross-chain transactions, exchanges and applications through cross-chain protocols, providing holders with more choices and opportunities.

BTIA inscription has strong liquidity, and users can convert BTIA inscription and USDT into equivalent values at any time. BTIA inscriptions can be traded and used on different blockchain networks, which will help expand the market and reduce the cost and complexity of transactions. All information about the circulation, circulation and related transaction records of BTIA inscriptions will be accurately recorded and publicly displayed. The data will be open and transparent throughout, reducing transaction risks. In addition, BTIA has Inscription Alliance as the underlying technology platform that supports its operation, and has made important improvements and investments in security, scalability and user experience.

The fanatical market only talks about efficiency, not reason. The intensity and breadth of emotions triggered by the development of this round of inscriptions have exceeded those of previous dogecoins, shit coins, etc., and this round of development has so far produced more than one hot coin. This kind of consensus is very rare. Once this ecosystem really shows signs of application implementation, and with the support of this consensus, we will most likely see a new climax brought by BTIA in the next bull market .


The development of the Inscription Alliance inscription ecology is a dual innovation on and off the chain, which is reshaping the future trend of crypto assets . Starting in 2024, we will discuss inscriptions just like we discuss A-shares and Bitcoin. The entire encryption circle has returned to the hot state of seven years ago and has become a hot topic among investors around the world. With the vigorous development of the global digital economy, the demand for inclusive digital finance has further increased, and the settlement methods of assets will definitely undergo huge changes.

The market has been completely ignited by inscriptions, and this magical, fanatical and scrambling game of grabbing tickets for inscriptions is far from over.

Welcome the fourth member of Genify Curation Board

Welcome Ahmad Moussa to the Genify Curation Board as the fourth member. The previous three curators are jimiwen, arctic, and shaun8149. Ahmad Moussa is better known as GorillaSun, a generative artist, a programmer, and a full-time blog writer.his website is www.gorillasun.de

GorillaSun shares the knowledge he has learned in the field of generative art, where he has encountered many interesting challenges. Many of these challenges are complex computational geometry problems, such as polygon intersection issues. He spends time researching these problems, writing programs to solve them, and sharing this knowledge with a wider audience.

It is precisely because of him and the selfless sharing of many other artists like him that the generative art community has become much stronger. Now that he has joined our Curation Board, any artists who know GorillaSun and wish to release their work on Genify can get in touch with him.

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Bitcoin generation inscription art sparks environmental controversy

“Environmentalism is an idea as well as a tool for moral coercion.”

“Fossil fuels are the most shameless harm human beings have inflicted on this planet.”

“Compared to generative art, inscription on Bitcoin are just small scratches.”

(— Excerpt from the words spoken by artists during platform controversies)

Just on the day before yesterday, a group of avant-garde Western generative artists engaged in a fierce debate on Fxhash. It all started with HAL, a mainstream generative artist from France. Following the footsteps of Shaun, a rising Asian artist from Singapore, HAL became one of the first to release his own code-generated artwork on the Bitcoin public chain. 2100 pieces of HAL’s work, named HALO, like Shaun’s work BOB, was sold out in less than an hour.



Up to this day, Bitcoin remains a symbol of high energy consumption in the eyes of some Western artists, therefore encountering resistance.





When this report is being written, Shaun, one of the founders of Genify, was interviewed at a café near the Singapore airport.

Let’s start with the environmental controversy, the controversy did not start with Shaun but with HAL. Unlike Shaun, who is of Asian descent, HAL is a mainstream generative artist from France. His direct involvement in this wave of building the Bitcoin ecosystem with Shaun created a sensation in the traditional generative art community. The move resulted in an uproar in traditional generative art circles, because up till now generative artists mainly operated on platforms such as Artblocks, Genify, and FX(hash) (currently mainstream on-chain art trading platforms).

In 2023, with the rapid development of the Bitcoin ecosystem, Genify, taking advantage of the benefits of code-generated art, released its own genesis Bitcoin chain generative art on the BRC20. Both Shaun and HAL became early artists on the platform to release works on Bitcoin. In the eyes of environmentally conscious Western artists, this was seen as “universal violation”.

Traditionally, Bitcoin is considered a high-energy consumption activity, and environmental friendliness was a consensus among generative artists. They used to release their works on the Tezos public chain, which was the world’s first to adopt a POS consensus mechanism. At that time, Tezos emphasized on-chain governance and POS consensus, highlighting its eco-friendly nature. Releasing works on Bitcoin contradicts this well-established consensus on environmental sustainability.

Many people are not familiar with Tezos. It was the world’s first public blockchain to adopt a POS (Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism. At that time, its main concepts were on-chain governance and POS consensus, emphasizing the eco-friendly nature of POS. Although these concepts have become outdated in the world of blockchain over time and are no longer widely acknowledged, non-blockchain professionals, especially artists, may not have a clear understanding of these concepts. When terms like blockchain and environmental protection came together, artists firmly believe that the sale of artistic works must be built on an environmentally friendly foundation. This belief

Just like Bitcoin, which has been controversial since its inception and has continued to grow, its market value has reached $860 billion as of now. Bitcoin is hailed as digital gold, and generative art is like artwork embedded in this gold. Shaun, the founder of the Genify platform, expressed this sentiment.

Shaun’s background is quite legendary. He is a consistently successful entrepreneur, having served as the technical lead for another well-known public blockchain. Additionally, he is the author of the inaugural generative art, BOB, in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Shaun is known for his reserved nature, limited social interactions, and occasional uneasiness in communication with others. However, whenever the topic of generative art comes up, his eyes light up, and he passionately recounts the developmental history of generative art, sprinkled with a plethora of complex and specialized English terms. According to Shaun, understanding this ongoing debate requires delving into the history of on-chain generative art.

(Shaun Narration) In early 2021, South American artist Rafael Lima released a smart contract on the Tezos blockchain, known as HicetNunc, abbreviated as HEN. It’s a very niche website, and as of today, I estimate that there are not many people in the cryptocurrency community who have heard of it. However, this niche platform is the true birthplace of digital art. HEN turned Tezos into a paradise for artists, providing an experience akin to shopping at a rural market. Renowned artists like Shvembldr, Mattdesl, zancan, yazid, among others, emerged from this platform. Subsequently, it laid the foundation for larger platforms such as fxhash and objkt, which further influenced platforms like Artblocks and Foundation.


Up until now, the total market value of artworks on the Tezos blockchain should be close to or even surpassing the market value of Tezos itself. Many people purchased Tezos with the intention of acquiring artworks from their favorite artists. Let me share a story: During a Cverso exhibition in London, a zancan artwork was sold for approximately 60,000 XTZ. Many buyers from the traditional Web2 space established Tezos wallets on-site, purchased the artwork with XTZ, took home the printed version, and inadvertently left the NFT in the wallet.


It can be said that artists have brought prosperity to Tezos.

However, from the perspective of blockchain technology, Tezos is an outdated Layer1 that is incompatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), has an outdated architecture, and the foundation is considered inactive. Lima chose Tezos by chance. Then, Tezos brought numerous beautiful artworks to its ecosystem. Today, the most promising and technologically advanced Layer1 platforms are undoubtedly Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, Ethereum transitioned to a Proof-of-Stake (POS) mechanism in 2023, and environmental concerns about Ethereum are no longer a major topic to discuss.

HAL faced with criticism of Bitcoin’s environmental impact, he openly expresses his views. HAL believes that Bitcoin no longer relies on traditional energy sources for mining. In comparison to traditional energy, nuclear and solar energy are now mainstream providers of computational power. In his opinion, the previous online art platforms on different blockchains will become obsolete, and creating art on the Bitcoin network will be the true future mainnet.


The controversy surrounding the creation of art on Bitcoin has yet to reach a conclusive resolution. However, much like the beauty presented by code-generated art, which is hard to describe in words, the future of generative art is poised to provide solutions for the harmonious coexistence of humans and AI.

“Nobody is saying AI is not environmentally friendly now. AI also relies on powerful computing power and requires significant energy consumption,” Shaun said as a nearby airplane was taking off from the airport. He looked up at the plane slowly flying away…

The difference between artists and ordinary people is that artists often gaze at the stars.