XFORCE Invests in For Metas

The exploration of blockchain by countless people has made the virtual game industry based on blockchain flourish. When it comes to virtual games, the first thing we think of is GameFi, which is undoubtedly the hottest field at the moment. GameFi naturally has a distributed advantage that the traditional game industry does not have. Players can gain income through GameFi, making money while playing – Play to Earn. It’s also one of GameFi’s biggest selling points.


Therefore, XFORCE decided to invest in For Metas, For Metas (4MW) is a blockchain game aggregation platform for the future Metaverse. Committed to building a sustainable, open, and autonomous Metaverse ecosystem with games as the core, and injecting lasting vitality into the value of the platform through the construction of the game ecosystem. For Metas will continue to bring top-notch games and game experiences to platform players.


For Meta World aims to build the world’s largest Gamefi platform under extreme deflationary mode. For Meta World integrates game development, user experience, game launch, game incubation, game asset trading, etc., where users can enjoy the fun of the game and get monetary rewards. At the same time, developers will be able to access various resources in the game industry to create explosive games.

ForMetas – the first Web3 aggregated entertainment application platform

ForMetas – the first Web3 aggregated entertainment application platform

The largest change to the Internet since the smartphone is about to happen, and it’s called Web3.


ForMetas think that cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the “metaverse” have a bright future, and they will have significant business, consumer, and cultural ramifications.


And For Metas is going to be on the wave, right now – ForMetas have an opportunity to actually build a better Web3.


ForMetaslcome to For Metas initiative

The ambitious goal of For Metas is to define and create a Web3 entertainment ecosystem. Through a Web3-native infrastructure, the project will assist users from the entertainment sector in making the switch from Web2 to Web3.


This is what ForMetas are building: an aggregated application platform that provides a seamless and engaging entertainment experience for users. 


ForMetas are eager to begin our journey in the Web3 entertainment industry and will make every effort to support and foster a thriving community of creators, influencers, and users.


Our goal is to build a one-stop hub for users to gain access to various entertainment resources including but not limited to blockchain games, live streaming, social Dapp, metaverse and AR/VR within one platform in a fast, secured, permissionless, incentivized and decentralized way.


All you can imagine in our platform

Never before has entertainment services been so prevalent in daily life. They fundamentally altered how people listen to and watch media to the point where they completely transformed the entertainment sector and drastically altered the relationship between consumers and producers.


If you find yourself dividing your time between your computer, your games console, your streaming application and your stereo, then read on; ForMetas have precious advice for you. The world is rapidly moving towards unifying all of the media you use, and adjusting to that trend is becoming more a necessity than just a fashion.


ForMetas aim to bring together specialists from many sectors to create Web3-native entertainment ecosystem! Gaming, streaming, and virtual life.Create, listen to, watch, and play many forms of entertainment with us

ForMetas bring together everything you require to have fun and entertain yourself, engage, monetize, and build relationships with the communities.


For Metas business unbundling

For Metas will keep breaking apart the many parts of the entertainment industry. This encompasses the application development, production, distribution, and monetization of content.

Application Development & Production: For Metas will create advanced and innovative Web3 entertainment decentralized applications using a variety of industrial resources and high-level talents.


Distribution: For Metas distribute content utilizing a highly-motivated, transparent and cost-efficient way, ForMetas also provide a creative way for users to distribute their own creative content including but not limited to art,music,podcast, and other experiences peer-to-peer using smart contracts.


Monetization: Both entertainment content creators and content consumers can have their own digital economies. By utilizing $4MW tokens, anyone can profit directly and sustainably from the ecosystem


Interoperability is Coming

In order to establish a solid foundation and pioneer some of the most powerful Web3 initiatives, the most successful Web3 developers have worked tirelessly for years. For Metas is happy to have contributed to a significant amount of this foundation. It’s time to put everything together in a way that is user-friendly, appealing, and convincing for beginners.


For Metas see the potential for NFTs to effectively replace a large portion of the traditional in-game microtransaction infrastructure.Players may now completely move their virtual inventory outside of their individual games since buyer identification is no longer limited to an in-game persona. This will largely enable interoperability  across different games, even different modules launched on For Metas. Just imagine using the same avatar or same game equipment across all games on For Metas.

Learn more about ForMetas on the gitbook https://docs.4metas.io/


Website :https://www.4metas.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/4metas

Telegram: https://t.me/ForMetas

Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC669DKAF35jN4KIfi7na7ew

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/4MetaWorld

Medium: https://medium.com/@4metas

Gitbook: https://docs.4metas.io/


Covered By

BscScan: https://bscscan.com/token/0xb70d593ef89b707ce05925e1d80fffcd9a655406

Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/for-meta-world/

Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/4mw

Dextools: https://www.dextools.io/app/bsc/pair-explorer/0xc9a27537e3d346aefeb9bda1dc469770e82fb88e

Certik Audit Report: https://www.certik.com/projects/4metaworld

Web3 application aggregation platform ForMetas and Ethereum Fair establish an ecological partnership

Web3 application aggregation platform ForMetas and Ethereum Fair establish an ecological partnership

ChainCatcher news: ForMetas announced that it has officially reached a strategic cooperation with Ethereum Fair to join the ETHF ecosystem. In the future, the two sides will carry out deeper cooperation to jointly promote the implementation of Web3 applications. Users can directly participate in the ETHF ecosystem through ForMetas, and seamlessly transfer digital assets in multiple networks while maintaining privacy.

It is reported that ForMetas is building a Web3 application aggregation platform that provides users with a smooth and immersive entertainment experience. Its goal is to establish a one-stop hub, where users can obtain various entertainment resources in a fast, secure, licensing free, motivating and decentralized way within a platform, including but not limited to multiple applications such as chain games, live broadcasts, social networking, meta universe and AR/VR.

In addition, Gloryland, the first game of ForMetas, is currently in internal testing and is expected to be officially launched in January 2023.



Aleo & iron fish Mining Pool,High profit ore pool focusing on privacy track

Aleo & iron fish Mining Pool,High profit ore pool focusing on privacy track

Before Aleo’s main website went online, it obtained investment of up to 200 million dollars from A16Z, Softbank, Samsung NEXT and other venture capital institutions. Now Aleo’s valuation has reached 1.4 billion dollars! The ironfish of the same private track obtained Sequoia Capital and A16z investment. After this battle, the private public chain racetrack can be said to have earned enough eyeballs. Famous investment institutions have driven the vigorous development of the private public chain track. More and more people have seen the huge potential hidden in this track. More and more people want to enter the private public chain track first and participate in mining.

However, everyone wants a piece of the cake. There are more and more miners and their computing power is growing, which makes it difficult for individuals to get block rewards for mining with a single equipment. So Aleo&iron fish Mining Pool was born. Aleo&iron fish Mining Pool is a mining pool focusing on the leading track of the private public chain. It integrates the scattered computing power in the blockchain network and shares rewards among all members. In order to help users get more rewards and achieve high returns, Aleo&iron fish Mining Pool has made many efforts.

On the one hand, the Aleo&iron fish Mining Pool has a huge scale of original computing power. Such large-scale computing capital reduces the uncertainty of mining failure, greatly improves the probability of obtaining block rewards for mining, ensures the user’s income and thus increases the income. On the other hand, the Aleo&iron fish mining pool team has actively participated in the Aleo and iron fish projects from the very beginning. All parties have coordinated and optimized the hardware and software dedicated to Aleo and iron fish mining, which makes the mining equipment of Aleo&iron fish mining pool more high-performance and the server more stable. In addition, in terms of capital security, Aleo&iron fish Mining Pool adopts multi-layer protection, which can effectively ensure the security of user assets from being violated.

Time is money, which is regarded as the truth in the blockchain world. At this moment, the battlefield of the private track is in full swing. Come to the high-yield mining pool Aleo&iron fish Mining Pool, which focuses on the private track, and enjoy a wave of first mover benefits as a new entrant!

DARTrader under Decentral Arts was certified by NFT AND DIGITAL ART INDEX CEREMONY 2022

DARTrader under Decentral Arts was certified by NFT AND DIGITAL ART INDEX CEREMONY 2022


On 20th Nov 2022, NFT AND DIGITAL ART INDEX CEREMONY 2022 was successfully held in Shenzhen. The event has invited a range of experts, institutions and medias in decentral art field to explore the future of NFT and digital art.


As a significant role in digital art, DARTrader’s core team , Decentral Arts, was attended the event.




At the ceremony, the invited guests (senior practitioners of each blockchain) delivered a wonderful speech. The representative of Decentral Arts made a speech, expressed his profound views and good wishes on the digital art industry, and said that he always adhered to the spirit of win-win cooperation and reached cooperation with various digital art supporters, which won applause from the whole audience.



DARTrader is an NFT trading platform created by the Decentral Arts team. It has rich global first-class artist resources, as well as super large and landmark IP cooperation channels. It has jointly operated multiple top-level IPs with national museums/art institutions, and is committed to the decentralized development of Canadian art. Through this activity, Decentral Arts and many participants enjoyed the art feast and reached a series of cooperation. It is reported that Decentral Arts has obtained the official certification of NFT AND DIGITAL ART INDEX CEREMONY 2022.



Art enriches and frees the soul, which is the most precious treasure in the world. The art itself has been extended because of the development and innovation of countless pioneers. DARTrader is not an art platform, not a middleman, but a decentralized organization team. It is an art diversified organization that makes art more open and artists more active. Art can create more value and make this noisy world peaceful and beautiful. DARTrader allows artists to cross borders and make art more interesting.

Event Review:https://youtu.be/PluDMofh7Y4


New opportunity in the prediction market track: Moonquiz launches first ecological prediction application based on FIFA World Cup

The prediction of future events has always been of greater significance, whether it is the prediction of weather, geological disasters, or the prediction of financial markets, event trends, etc., which are expected to allow individuals and organizations to hedge against potential risks and maximize their returns.

Looking at Web3 field, it’s easily seen that the prediction market is an old track active in the early days of the crypto industry, and after the summer of Defi in 2020, with the rise of the decentralized world and further improvements in infrastructure (especially Oracle), it has had a more significant impact on the development of the prediction market track.


In the world of Web2, the predictions and statistical results of the traditional prediction market are often generated by specific expert groups and political polling organizations and due to the non-transparency and high operation threshold, these prediction results usually lack broadness and representativeness, and some even have specific commercial orientations. This closed, controlled and highly-cost approach dramatically limits the free development of the forecasting market and prevents its globalization and standardization.

A pure public blockchain decentralized prediction market usually based on a consensus-based smart contract, which is open and transparent to all users, ensuring equality and openness of participation and eliminating black-box operations by any intermediaries. All participants taking part in the prediction submit their prediction of the outcome to the contract in a distributed form (in the form of stakes into Tokens most commonly), thus improving the decision-making and accuracy of the predicted events. For the judgment of the prediction results, because of the adoption of the Oracle, which automatically determines the prediction results and disseminates the data to each node in the chain, the users with correct predictions are automatically rewarded to ensure the benefits of the participants in an open and fair manner, moreover, this incentive has a positive circular advantage and usually improves the accuracy of the prediction results. As a result, Web3-based forecasting activities are usually open, low-cost, reliable (scattered samples), flexible (withstands scrutiny), and liquid.

Moonquiz—Diversified And Systematic Web3 Prediction Market Ecology


From the history of the industry, although many prediction markets have emerged under the slogan of Defi and Dapp. Still, in terms of characteristics, these prediction markets usually take the price of the target crypto asset as the main event and direction of prediction. They are usually more similar to a kind of on-chain derivative agreement of price trend (for example, predicting the price trend of a particular crypto asset), which lacks the comprehensiveness and richness of predicting the overall event and lacks the constructive infrastructure of prediction markets, which makes crypto investors lack the investment demands and desire to participate.

Moonquiz is an emerging ecology in the prediction market track, aiming to build a systematic Web3 solution for the prediction market track, expanding to multiple chains, including a panoramic layout of mainstream ecologies such as Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, Avalanch, Cosmos, and Layer2, in order to achieve cross-chain internals interoperability within the ecology and provide prediction market including prediction data provision services, capital liquidity services, etc. for all users of these ecologies.

The ecological application of Moonquiz’s overall prediction events is not limited to the crypto industry but extends to events in more fields, such as FIFA matches, NBA, US election predictions and technology company trends, etc. The Development & Operation Team of Moonquiz has also been actively working on partnerships with sports clubs and others and has become an early Web3 peripheral market partner for these mainstream Web2 groups, empowering applications within the ecosystem and creating a buzz for the Moonquiz ecosystem, such as Moonquiz’s first landing prediction event-FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Moonquiz Launches First Prediction Event: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022


With the coming of World Cup 2022 in Qatar, Moonquiz has launched the first Web3 landing prediction event for the FIFA matches, which is first being deployed on the BNB chain and open to all crypto users. Moonquiz Dapp address is:https://dapp.moonquiz.io/

Users on Moonquiz’s eco-system can make predictions about the results of different race teams, and those who predict correctly will split all the rewards (USDT) of the total prize pool of the predicted event after the end of the race. Users can visually see the total amount of the prediction event when they make their predictions, everything is transparent and open.

Currently, Moonquiz has set up four optional prediction events for each match to predict the 2022 World Cup results: total goals, over/under(O/U), match winner, and score. In order to allow more people to participate, Moonquiz has set up a simple, low-threshold, and easy-to-understand mechanism for predicting events, such as guessing the winner and runner-up, which is easy to operate and extremely friendly to new users.

Moonquiz Community Users’ Rights

Moonquiz is a DAO ecology based on users’ rights. The future prediction events’ launch and the doubtful determination of the prediction results will be governed by DAO voting. In addition, 1% of the platform revenue will be used for community ecology incentives to promote the development of the ecology.

  • Tokenomics


Moonquiz ecological application uses MQZ Token as an ecological token, and the holder will have many rights and interests such as bonuses and voting.

60% (60,000,000) of the total MQZ amount will be used for predicting rewards, which means that all users who participate in prediction projects in Moonquiz ecological application will be able to get MQZ airdrops, regardless of the prediction results.The daily number of MQZ Token a user can get during the FIFA World Cup 2022 is:

individual prediction amount / total prediction amount of the whole network * daily release amount (40,000 MQZ)

Besides, 30% (30,000,000) of the total MQZ will be awarded to users who have helped promote the platform or contributed to the ecosystem. November 15 — December 18, 2022, is the first phase of Moonquiz Community Partners, during which 60,000 MQZ will be released daily as an incentive for users to contribute to the development of decentralized prediction, this means that users who invite other users to the platform to successfully participate in prediction will also receive MQZ airdrops.

The remaining 10% (10,000,000) of the total MQZ amount will be awarded to community members who help Moonquiz with its development, ongoing iteration, and drive the project forward. The development team and MQZ community holders will also be given first access to new product releases in the ecosystem.

  • Community Partner Program

To extend the prediction ecology and increase the influence of community users in Web3, Moonquiz has officially launched the Community Partner Program – users can refer other users and receive 2 levels of rewards (MQZ):


  • Allocation Of Transaction Fees

All prediction events will be charged a 5% transaction fee by Moonquiz for:

1. Community Partner Bonus (1%), community partners who hold MQZ will share 1% of the predicted event amount equally.

2. Buyback of governance tokens – MQZ (2%), to further promote the value of MQZ in the secondary market and reward MQZ holders.

3. Technology research development and marketing operations (2%)

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is the first prediction event launched by the Moonquiz ecological application. In the future, it will continue to launch predictions of various popular events and hot events and further develop into the Web3 infrastructure field while creating a diversified and multi-layered Web3 prediction market ecological application.

Applications To Infrastructure To Ecology

With the basis of its own ecology, Moonquiz will develop its own Oracle that can be used in prediction scenarios, collaborate with world-renowned event data providers such as Statperform to provide prediction data services for other prediction market applications and integrate prediction market features for more DAPP projects. Meanwhile, Moonquiz will also build a set of prediction market networks built by liquidity providers and introduce liquidity providers to make the ecology run more efficiently. Through building an ecosystem of blockchain-based data providers, liquidity providers, and developer service networks, and combining multi-chain support, Moonquiz ecology will expand from applications to prediction market infrastructures, making an ecologically integrated To B total solution in the prediction field.

Along with the development of Moonquiz prediction ecology, it is expected to become a Web3 prediction ecology with reference, leading the Web3 prediction market to explore more possibilities and generate actual deep correlations, further enabling individuals and organizations to hedge risks, improve the liquidity and accessibility of capital in the prediction market, enhance the effectiveness of people’s decisions, and prepare for future development through the prediction services of integrated solutions.

As traditional centralized prediction marketplaces usually lack extensiveness, fairness, and of high expense, the results are usually directional. With the prediction marketplace becoming on-chain and Web3, the emerging prediction marketplace that is credible, fair, and has extensiveness is expected to become the new statement in this field. With an open and extensive deployment, Moonquiz is becoming an early mover and builder of infrastructure for this new trend. The prediction market is supposed to be an immediate and blue ocean market with potential, and Moonquiz is expected to build the first infrastructure ecology of Web3 prediction market based on its own ecology and extensive links with more traditional business forms to promote the deep integration of Web3 world and Web2 world.

Moonquiz Official Website: https://www.moonquiz.io/en

Moonquiz Dapp:https://dapp.moonquiz.io/

Voucher to help you complete and manage the license list

Voucher to help you complete and manage the license list

As the priority ticket for many projects, the white list is a rare right granted by the NFT project developer to members who are active or contributing to the project. Users with the white list can cast before the official sale, and obtain many rights and interests that cannot be obtained by other outsiders and some relatively rare NFT. The white list is generally obtained by users participating in the activities of the project party in the project party’s community. However, the blockchain world is complex, and it is a tedious thing to obtain a white list without being familiar with various software. In addition, the existence of information gap also makes new entrants at a loss. Voucher was born. Voucher is an NFT license list (white list) platform co sponsored by NFT Additions, Greedland, CNB and DARTrader, which aims to make it easier for creators to complete the registration and management process of NFT license list (white list). Voucher adheres to the spirit of open source WEB3 and has no business purpose or income. Voucher is committed to helping more WEB3 project sponsors and participants obtain more token rewards and development foundations, so as to help the development of the blockchain world.



Esport Bar opened and held NFT offline party on November 11

Esport Bar opened and held NFT offline party on November 11

Recently, Esport Bar opened and decided to hold DARTrader NFT offline party on November 11.

Esport Bar gathered a group of NFT and Web3 fans on the premise of improving the bar’s popularity, providing NFT fans with the opportunity to learn from the most influential and well-known opinion leaders in this field.

Roy, the co sponsor of DARTrader, made a speech before the formal opening of the party, saying that he hoped Hong Kong’s encryption industry would become more and more prosperous, and welcomed more people to participate in the NFT offline party.






Dartrader and Greedland reach strategic cooperation

Dartrader and Greedland reach strategic cooperation

According to official information, Dartrader and Greedland have reached a strategic cooperation. Greedland is bringing the most innovative idea of Web3 to integrate the traditional and passionate football world into NFT. When the World Cup is coming, Greedland released David ‘CUP NFT to commemorate the first football feast after COVID-19. The joint NFT combines the traditional classical aesthetic elements with the modern style, and interprets the rise of the Renaissance in the era of encryption art, the vigorous weather after the epidemic, and the quadrennial football craze with a new concept.


DARTrader is an NFT trading platform created by DART team. It has rich global first-class artist resources, as well as super large and landmark IP cooperation channels. It has jointly operated multiple top-level IPs with national museums/art institutions.

It is understood that Greedland, DARTrader and CNB will jointly release a NFT focusing on WEB3 rewards – VOUCHER NFT. It has no commercial purpose or benefit, but only to help more WEB3 project sponsors quickly get more community attention to consolidate the development foundation, and participants can get some tokens and other rewards in return.

NFT Addition launched a weekly lottery, with the prize pool up to 10000 u

NFT Addition launched a weekly lottery, with the prize pool up to 10000 u

Recently, NFT Addition launched a weekly lottery, with the prize pool reaching 10000 u.

NFT Additions is an international digital collection platform. In the process of actively participating in international activities, the platform shows the world China’s confidence in cultural and technological innovation, promotes China’s Web3 and blockchain technologies to the world, and builds a bridge between China and the international digital art market.