ALLspark, with its innovative cross-chain technology, has successfully attracted capital investment.

“One night I suddenly heard the inscription, and thousands of chains bloomed.” This sentence can be said to be a description of the current environment of the inscription market. Currently, the craze for inscriptions has spilled over to major public chains, leading to a casting frenzy. In this craze, we are expected to witness a new beginning, and we are also fortunate to be able to participate in the process of the Inscription 2.0 era triggered by technological changes.

Since the birth of blockchain and encrypted assets, technological innovation has always been the most important component of this field, and inscription applications are truly ecological projects with commercial value. The ecological network formed around inscriptions is of immeasurable value. . However, a single inscription value interaction within the chain is no longer able to meet the increasingly huge market value. Therefore, a technological change that satisfies the cross-chain inscription and value interaction of inscriptions is particularly important.

As a member of this industry wave, ALLspark relies on its one-stop cross-chain engraving comprehensive system and the core inscription ASK that integrates smart contracts, Gamefi and other application launch platforms. Information, developer sharing and other ecological applications have provided development soil for Inscription’s technological innovation. At the beginning of its launch, it won the favor of investment institutions and received a seed round investment worth US$5 million.

ALLspark and its platform core inscription ASK aggregate ecological application inscriptions and fuel inscriptions, inscribe an ecological self-circulating financial model derived from the balance law of the universe, and perfectly integrate Insc as an engine through innovative and innovative smart contract technology, combined with diversified application scenarios such as Gamfei , leading the trend of the times and becoming the leading product of Insc2.0.

ALLspark’s inscription core application is a multi-chain compatible inscription method implemented by smart contract cross-chain technology. Cross-chain inscription is achieved through specific application inscriptions, including Insc on Bticoin, Avalanche, Solana, Binance, Ethereum and other chains. This application is specially provided for Insc players. More convenient and more choices.

At the same time, AllSpark’s original guild system integrates traffic diversion, fission, management, and incentives into an integrated guild system. In the guild system, players can freely choose to join different guilds to learn and obtain inscriptions, and participate in Insc gold mining. You can also create your own guild, recommend high-quality ecology on various hot tracks to guild members, and make profits from continuous hosting services.

AllSpark’s developer team “MYTHICAL GAMES·USA” has a huge user base of over 30 million. Currently, “MYTHICAL GAMES·USA” is doing full-scale development for AllSpark’s official first chain game. It will support AllSpark’s core inscription system to design exclusive tasks and incentive mechanisms, and encourage users to participate in inscription’s products or services, which will quickly promote the growth of AllSpark’s community. , and increase their joint share in the inscription market ecological community.

Thanks to its recent $5 million seed round investment, AllSpark will be able to create, utilize and develop Web3 identities by aggregating and standardizing off-chain/on-chain data, focusing on building a tightly connected Web3 inscription community and bringing together diverse projects. Events and information resources to promote community activity and cohesion. Not only improve its market competitiveness and user service experience, but also establish stronger brand influence and industry status in the Web3 field.

With capital support, AllSpark will continue to innovate inscription industry applications through technology, using new cross-chain inscription, inscription value interaction, integration of smart contracts, and GameFi’s automation and intelligent technology to open a window for users, allowing them to use it unprecedentedly Enter and compete in this emerging inscription market full of potential with efficiency and convenience.

With the continuous advancement of technology and further development of the market, the future of AllSpark is full of infinite possibilities. We look forward to witnessing AllSpark continue to innovate the technology of the inscription industry, just like the value message conveyed by its platform name “Fire”, gathering thousands of fires to form the source of value in the inscription industry.

In this rapidly developing Web3.0 era, the emergence of AllSpark has undoubtedly brought new opportunities and challenges to the inscription market. Let us wait and see how this inscription industry technology pioneer, which has received capital attention, leads the inscription 2.0 era and provides us with Bring more surprises and possibilities.

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